San Francisco by the Bay 

HOA @ North Beach, Md 20714

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The San Francisco by the Bay HOA Board of Directors petitioned the Mayor and Town Council to approve and install two traffic control devices known as "Speed Humps" on Glouster Drive. This request was approved on March 2, 2017. The BOD is requesting your input on the matter.   

These are our concerns:   first, the town youth are using the Glouster hill as a skateboarding slalom, secondly, our community neighbors are exceeding the speed limit through the community and third, is the concern of congestion in this proximity during school bus pick up and drop off times. 

The first speed hump would be installed on Glouster Drive just beyond it’s split from 2nd Street (see Figure A). The second speed hump would be installed on the town side of the bridge (see figure B).

Proposed Speed Hump Locations


Are you for the speed humps or against?
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