San Francisco by the Bay 

HOA @ North Beach, Md 20714

Lawn Maintenance
Please click on LawnMainGuide05072013.pdf for your Lawn Maintenance issues.  The Lawn Maintenance article provides suggestions on how to maintain a healthy lawn. The Association will continue to provide cutting, edging and annual feeding/weed control for all non-fenced lawn areas in the Community. However, homeowners can benefit from suggestions on watering and additional care of their lawns beyond what the Association provides, as needed.

Water Issues
Here is some technical information from the State Waterheaters Website relating to maintenance of hot water heaters and water lines.  Click on a link below for more information.

1. Smelly Water
2. Discolored Water
3. Chlorination Procedure
4. Temperature Adjustment
5. Water Softeners

Roof & Gutter Issues
All gutters that do not have gutter guards installed will need periodic cleaning out of accumulated leaves and debris, such as plants growing in the gutter.  Cleaning is generally needed twice per year, and occasionally three times per year, depending on the current weather. Overflowing water from gutters can cause interior and exterior damage.  Gutter overflow during heavy rainstorms also causes erosion of soil beneath the gutter area.  Overflow will eventually wash out hillside slopes and the foundation footings of decks.  This will lead to very expensive repairs and possible owner liability for damage caused to adjacent decks from hillside slope erosion.,  Due to these issues, many homeowners have benefited from having gutter guards installed.  Persistent gutter overflow may indicate that the gutter size is inadequate.  Some owners have replaced the standard 4-inch gutters with larger 6-inch gutters. downspouts and gutter guards, which will handle heavier rain runoff loads.  Listed below are two Companies that offer gutter cleaning services, or you may contact a service of your choice.
Southernwood Roofing & Siding  301-934-0043
Kevin Waldow & Sons  240-229-1219
For gutter guards or roofing problems, Southernwood Roofing & Siding is familiar with the roofing requirements for our town homes.