San Francisco by the Bay 

HOA @ North Beach, Md 20714

Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Change

The Board has changed the day of the week for the monthly meeting.  Meetings will now be held on the THIRD MONDAY of each month, beginning on November 16th, 2015. The dates of future meetings through 2016 can be found in the CALENDAR section. 

Complete Lawn Maintenance

To address issues or formulate improvements through 2015, please contact the HOA Board via the email address located in the Contacts tab above.

Traffic Safety

We ask all residents to please observe all traffic signs posted and to please drive responsibly. Also, please see to it that your visitors do the same.  Please caution your visitors about not parking in the red-curb areas. These are posted fire lanes and are tow-away areas. 

National Poll On Children's Health
Easy-access Medicines - A poison risk for kids at home. click here for details.

Neighborhood Watch Information
We have established a Neighborhood Watch program in our neighborhood. Residents who are interested in participating in Neighborhood Watch and/or being part of the Calling Tree being developed are asked to contact Stan Benefield. Click on the "Neighborhood Watch" tab to see the latest info.

Important Information Regarding Pests And Our Pets
Keeping rodents out of our town home buildings should be a high priority for everyone. Do your part by following the trash packaging described in the Trash Policy. Please remember: All bags of any type that contain food trash MUST be placed in a trash can that has a lid!
Please remember to keep your dog on a leash at all times when your pet is outside the home. Leash Law enforcement is high priority for the Town Code Enforcement Officer.
It is HOA policy and Town Code that you must pickup after your pet when walking your animals.   The HOA provides ample Waste Stations throughout our community and the bags are well stocked.  If you come across one that is empty please notify Mary our property manager.  Pet waste can transmit disease, do your part and pickup after your pet.